Model C1656L Core Aerator & Plugger:
Tractor 3-Point, PTO Powered
65" x 12" Deep Tine Aeration

Selvatici C1656L Deep Tine Aerator & Plugger

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Availability:: Usually Ships in 1 to 4 Weeks

Heavy Duty Professional Selvatici C1656L, 65" Aeroking, PTO Powered Deep Tine Core Aerator, Plugger.

Expect This Selvatici Machine & ALL Of The Equipment We Sell To Be Quality Equipment That Will Serve You Well For A Lifetime And Provide A Good Resale Value Too!

  • Heavy Duty Oil Bath 3-Speed Gearbox.
    • Speed selection is quick, easy & tool free!
    • Robust, high speed gearbox & mechanisms contribute to increased hourly production rates.
  • With the unique, and patented rotary operators & linkage, Selvatici Aerators have the lowest PTO burden.
  • Clevis Style Pull Arm Hitch Pin Frames.
  • Front & Rear Rollers are Standard.
  • Front Roller Provides Easy Access, Single Handle Working Depth Control.
  • Handles at each of the front corners, provide uniform, simultaneous height adjustment - from either handle.
  • This listing includes a full set of Hollow Tines (for Core aeration), and a full set of Solid Tines (for Plugging).
    • Sample photos show Hollow & Solid Tines installed on the Aerator for reference.
    • Optional Items Are:
      • Self leveling conveyors to make narrow rows of core samples.
      • Hydraulically operated transport.
      • Turf retainer.
  • Rollers can be filled with liquid for ballast weight.
  • We have Selvatici Deep Tine Aerators/Pluggers available to list on our Store up to 99" working widths.
  • Deep Tine Aeration provides the following benefits:
    • Reduces soil compaction for healthier, deeper roots.
    • Enables deeper moisture penetration & retention, lengthening irrigation intervals, and increasing turf uptake of water.
    • Enables deeper penetration & retention of fertilizers, encouraging deeper root growth & increasing turf uptake of nutrients.
      • Overall, Deep Tine Aeration will improve the overall health & appearance of your turf, and reduce maintenance costs by lengthening irrigation intervals, and extending fertilizer applications!
  • More photos, and a few videos are available at: Selvatici Aerators & Pluggers
  • Ships complete & assembled including Slip Clutch Protected PTO Shaft.