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3-Point Spading Machine, Spader: Model N1656, 65", 14" Depth: Makes Soils Permeable, Healthy!

65" Wide 3 PT Spading Machine, Model N1656


Availability:: Usually Ships in 1-4 Weeks
Product Code: N1656

Description Customer Testimonial

  • Heavy Duty oil bath 3-Speed Gearbox.
    • Speed selection is quick, easy & tool free!
  • Unique, Selvatici Anti-Clogging frame enables efficient use in the wettest conditions.
  • Dual Clevis style pull arm hitch pin frames.
  • Rear Gate can be fully closed, or pinned in multiple open positions.
  • Easy, tool free Skid Shoe adjustment for working depth control.
  • Sample photos are of the 79" Spader, but this listing is for the 65" - Actual photos coming soon!
  • Ships complete including a Slip Clutch protected PTO Shaft.
  • Spaders provide the deepest working depth of any soil preparation, tilling machine.
    • This 65", Model 150-95 works to a 14" depth!
  • This Spader, with the anti-clogging frame, can be used effectively in moist/wet soils, where other implements are unusable.
  • With the unique cam-action shovel arms, the Spader reduces the burden to the Tractor, and consequently reduces fuel consumption.
  • In contrast to Rotary Tillers, Spaders will loosen & break-up, or 'Work the Soil' without pulverizing, rotating, or turning over the soil:
    • This is preferred in the following circumstances:
      • Where the deepest working depths, with minimal soil structure disruption is desired.
      • Where nutrients, and organic matter have been developed in the top soil layers, and plowing, turning, etc. is not desired.
      • Where it is desired to maintain sub-surface soil moisture, instead of rotating it & exposing it to the drying effects of wind & sun.
      • Erosion prevention. Where a Tiller, Power Harrow, Disc, etc. may over-work/pulverize the soil & subject it to easy/severe erosion.
      • This is also preferred to prevent bringing up dormant weed seeds.
    • A Spader will 'Work the Soil' sufficiently to provide aeration, moisture penetration, and de-compaction, while maintaining the basic vertical soil structure & providing seed bed preparation.
  • Use for Fall Tillage, for excellent aeration, excellent moisture penetration, excellent de-compaction, even excellent cover crop/residue management!
  • Suitable for Cat 1 & 2, 3-Point Hitches.
  • 540RPM 3-Speed Gearbox is rated for 40 to 95HP, PTO.
  • 3-Speed RPM's:
    • 145
    • 167
    • 206
  • Spades a 65" Wide Path.
  • Overall Width is 67".
  • Working Depth is 14"!
  • 6 Shovels:
    • 9" Tall x 3/8" Thick.
    • 6-3/4" Top Width.
    • 4-1/8" Bottom Width.
  • Weight is 1477lb's.
  • Specifications are based on manufacturer provided data & subject to change.